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Ikariam Troop Details

Detailed below are the troops available to the players of Ikariam. Troops allow you to pillage and conquer your enemies along with devending your own town and allies. The is no reason not to have some around, just in case peaceful negotiations don't work out.

The troops are in the order that they need to be researched in, since all millitary based units require research from previous military research areas there arn't many orders in which troops can be researched.


Slinger Attributes:
attack7 defence6 endurance7
min1 opt2 speed70
special- classHuman
citizen1 wood37 sulphur0
upkeep3 time12m
Many a slinger has brought down a giant with a single skilled shot. And because the clothing is light and stones are cheap, we hardly have to pay for their upkeep.


Swordsman Attributes:
attack18 defence11 endurance4
min3 opt4 speed60
specialAssault classHuman
citizen2 wood26 sulphur36
upkeep5 time17m
Those who are fearless enough to jump in to the front row of a battlefield will be given a blinking sword. He also carries a light armor that doesn't press on him when he runs towards his enemies. If his home town is attacked, though, he'd rather hide behind the shields of a phalanx.


Phalanx Attributes:
attack14 defence30 endurance8
min4 opt6 speed50
specialResistance classHuman
citizen3 wood42 sulphur52
upkeep8 time40m
Many cities have been defended only with the shields of a phalanx. But they are also very heavy, so attacks become a burden even for the strongest fighter.


Ram Attributes:
attack6 defence50 endurance5
min6 opt8 speed50
specialBattering Ram classMachina
citizen8 wood98 sulphur112
upkeep30 time42m
With its giant metal head a Ram is a huge help whenever a town wall is in the way. It also has a large roof under which a number of soldiers can hide from arrows, stones and other mischief.


Archer Attributes:
attack26 defence23 endurance4
min7 opt10 speed60
specialResistance classHuman
citizen3 wood51 sulphur76
upkeep8 time49m
An Archer can fire arrows at his enemies from a safe distance.


Catapult Attributes:
attack34 defence33 endurance5
min11 opt13 speed40
specialBattering Ram classMachina
citizen6 wood145 sulphur311
upkeep30 time49m
When a Catapult lets its huge rocks fly through the air, our enemies and their town walls treble with fear! Experienced siege-engineers can calculate the speed of wind and the right angle for a perfect shot.


Marksmen Attributes:
attack42 defence21 endurance5
min12 opt14 speed60
specialAssault classHuman
citizen4 wood74 sulphur122
upkeep10 time1h 23m
A gunman can hit his target from long distances. The bullets he fires from the most modern muskets can even bring down the strongest man. Good for those who can get themselves to safety!


Mortar Attributes:
attack142 defence92 endurance5
min24 opt24 speed30
specialBattering Ram classMachina
citizen10 wood208 sulphur845
upkeep60 time1h 53m
The grenades a mortar fires bring doom an chaos in the enemies? rows and their walls. Only by hearing the thunder of the launch our enemies will want to hide.

Steam Giant

Steam Giant Attributes:
attack67 defence50 endurance4
min19 opt22 speed50
special- classMachina
citizen12 wood54 sulphur235
upkeep15 time1h 45m
These steel monsters spread fear and terror on the whole battlefield, and although they are only controlled by a single person they can take on a whole company single-handedly. Those who meet the Steam Giant for the first time believe that they are facing a fiend from the underworld itself.


Gyrocopter Attributes:
attack35 defence30 endurance3
min15 opt17 speed80
special- classMachina
citizen4 wood92 sulphur164
upkeep10 time1h 2m
To become a pilot of a gyrocopter one has to be truly brave, as these weird and wonderful flying machines race over the heads of the enemies? heads with incredible speed!


Doctor Attributes:
attack8 defence22 endurance10
min16 opt28 speed60
specialHealer classHuman
citizen1 wood84 sulphur0
upkeep30 time1h 2m
Doctors take care of the wounded soldiers during the battle, to get them fighting fit again. And of course a doctor knows where his enemies are especially sensitive, in case he has to help out in the fight.


Cook Attributes:
attack12 defence18 endurance10
min9 opt9 speed60
specialRegeneration classHuman
citizen1 wood108 sulphur0
upkeep30 time38m
Cooks supply the troops with strengthening food and revitalizing wine so our souldiers can fight much longer. And of course cooks can wield a knife outside the kitchen if the course of the battle demands it.

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