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Ikariam Building Details

Detailed below are the buildings available to the players of Ikariam. Buildings are required in any town, from the simple Port to the Workshop, each building provides a unquie addition to the inner workings of every players town.

Town Hall

Town Hall At the heart of the town you can find the town hall through which the town grows and flourishes. The smart civil servants who work here love to give you information about your local population. Every expansion of the town hall increases the maxium number of citizens in this town. (Values shown for level 1 are to build a new colony!)


Academy The academy is a sublime place full of knowledge which combines the old traditions with modern technology. The wisest heads of your town await entrance! Consider that every scientist needs his own laboratory which costs money. The larger the academy the more scientists you can employ at the same time.


Barracks In the barracks the boisterous youth is instructed to become keen fighters. Your soldiers know how to handle swords spears and catapults and are also able to lead the mightiest war machines safely over the field. The troops are instructed faster when you expand your barracks.

Trading Port

Trading Port The port is your gateway to the world. Here you can hire trade ships and ready them for long journeys. You can also receive precious goods from places far away. Larger trading ports can load ships faster.


Shipyard What would an island empire be without its fleet? At the shipyard mighty battle ships are made ready and launched for long journeys over the oceans. May the seven seas tremble before them!? Larger Shipyards can build the ships faster.


Warehouse A part of your supplies is protected at the warehouse. It keeps mean pillagers rain birds and other pests away. The warehouse keeper is also always well informed about your resource storage. Expanding your warehouse allows you to protect more supplies

Town Wall

Town Wall The town wall protects your citizens against your enemies and the sun. Beware! Enemies will try to tear holes into your wall or to climb over it. Every level of your town wall gives your troops a 10% defence bonus.


Tavern After a days work there is nothing more pleasant than a cool jug of wine. That's why your citizens love to meet at the tavern. And when the last old songs have been sung at the end of the day they set out merrily and cheerfull for home. Every expansion of your tavern allows you to serve more wine


Museum At the museum your citizens are able to see how other nations try to copy our excellent culture. In order to host larger exhibitions you should upgrade your museum. Every expansion of your museum allows you to show a further culture good.


Palace The palace is an excellent place to lead your empire into the future! It also provides a gorgeous view onto the sea. Every expansion of your capitals palace allows you to set up a further colony.


Embassy The embassy is a busy place: Diplomats from all over the world negotiate contracts here forge treaties and found alliances. In order to get a larger alliance you need to upgrade your embassy. Every level of your embassy increases your diplomacy points. From level 3 on you are able to found an alliance.

Trading Post

Trading Post Merchants and traders do their business at the trading post. There is always a deal to make or a bargain to hunt. Merchants from far away rather to head for big and well known trading posts! Range and capacity of your trading post are increased with every expansion.


Workshop The most skilled men of our town serve at the workshop. They improve our troops? and warships? equipment with the latest inventions. May they become even better and stronger! Every stage of improvement allows you to get more upgrades for troops and ships.


Hideout A wise leader always has a eye on both his allies and his enemies. The hideout allows you to hire spies who are able to provide you with information from the inside of other towns. A larger hideout provides space for more spies.

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