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Allies and Friends Highligher

Allows You to Highlight Groups of Alliances in Island View with the following colors:

Please note that I have stopped changing the version number in the script name so your saved information is not lost on update. This current version of the script is no longer under development. bugs will be fixed evenetually, when they pop up.


Click the following links to download the script file:

Alliance Ally Highlight: highlighter.user.js
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To change the language used in this script goto island view and then access the following menu:
Firefox Main Menu\Tools\Greasemonkey\User Script Commands\AFH:Set Language

This script currently supports 4 Languages.

If you would like to translate this script into your language, please check the forum for instructions on how to do so.


Once installed this script is only active when you enter Island View.

To Add/Remove an Alliance's Group Colour Press the "Highlighter" button in the Information Side Pane. Pressing the Button will open a series of prompts.


Example Of Town Images
Example Town

Example Of Side Menu With Highlight Button Shown
Example Side


20-11-2008: Initial Release <v1.0>

13-01-2009: Language Update <v1.1>

14-01-2009: Language Update <v1.2>

18-01-2009: Language Update <v1.3>

07-07-2009: Update <v1.3>

16-03-2010: Bug Fix <v1.3>

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