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Using the CR formatter is easy, just follow the steps below:


The Ikariam Library Combat Report Formatter is used by may people from many different Ikariam game servers. Since each server creates combat reports in its respective language the Formatter is unable to parse it correctly without additional text in that native language.

Furthermore, the output also contains text that, when posted to a respective language forum would be better suited to use the native language, rather then English.

The CR formatter has been designed and built with multi-language support. All that is needed is users that are willing and able to translate the language file; to do so.

The language file is available for download: crf_en_lang.zip
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The image below can be used to ensure that the 'parsetext##' language values are taken from the correct place in the report and therefore have the correct context. It is important that all 'parsetext##' values are exactly as shown in a combat report from your language. This ensures that the parser is able to correctly parse the entire report.

Parse Text Image
Parse Text Value Map

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