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Based on the idea from Luca Saba's Ikariam All-in-one Embassy Tool, this is a complete rewrite.

This script modifies the presentation of the alliance members table in the Diplomatic Adviser and Embassy.
In addition to the existing information available in this table, the script detects and displays changes in players' total scores. It also displays the "Last online" timestamp for each alliance member, normally available as a tool tip message when you hover over a light bulb.


Version 1.0 is currently under review on ikariam.org and ikariam.com boards.


Click the following link to download the script file: embassy_tool.user.js
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Ikariam Embassy Tool v1.0


You have three options for changing the way the information is presented:

The light bulb icons have been replaced, and there's a separate icon for members who have been offline for more than 7 days.

The score variations are "since the last reset". Using the reset button at regular intervals enables the alliance Home Secretary to detect dedicated players and/or slackers.

Another feature offered is "shipping distance". The script retrieves the coordinates of the currently selected town, then computes and displays the duration it takes a trade ship to travel to each of the alliance members towns. This feature allows you to find out which is the closest town for trades with alliance members.

The options are located in the game's options page.
Ikariam Embassy Tool v1.0 - Options

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