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Extended Ikariam Spreadsheet

Welcome to the page of the Extended Ikariam Spreadsheet (in lack of a better name...)!

The spreadsheet contains several useful functions, among those are an ability to claculate almost all of the highscores. It can also help you remember what troops you have in each town and in which towns you can build which ones (based on your research and the level of your barrack/shipyard). Finally it contains a simplistic battle simulator where you enter your troops and those of your target and it compares your values.


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Extended Ikariam Spreadsheet: extendedikariamspreadsheet.zip
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Change Log

2009-03-04 20:50 CET: Fixed soem annoying bugs with the master builder score (no it's still not correct). Also the boat score wasn't updating as it should and some towns didn't get their scores. (Thanks Radmsc for pointing these out).

2009-02-08 19:15 CET: Removed all traces of macros as they are not needed anymore and just give a warning that is not needed.

2009-02-08 10:30 CET: Updated to be more compatible with 0.3.0 (among others: military data and battle sim now correct, boat scores are also correct). There are still some problems (see known bugs).

2008-12-04 17:45 CET: The downloaded ZIP-file now contains a version compatible with 0.3.0 as it is currently implemented on the test server. There are some most probably some small bugs and problems left, so if you find any errors please contact me at the adress named in the file.

2008-11-14 22:00 CET: Fixed a bug with military score in when it came to 6th and 7th towns as well as implemented the future sciences above level 1.

2008-08-20 19:30 CET: Fixed a bug with the score calculation for Academies over level 11.

2008-08-07 01:00 CET: Minor layout fixes

2008-08-05 23:30 CET: Fixed a bug with the total score calculation. It should now be as close to correct as possible again.

2008-07-30 14:30 CET: Fixed a bug with the military score calculation and removed a stupid link to an external file.

2008-07-27 23:00 CET: Fixed a bug that made the calculations for palaces and GRs wrong, also added more building data.

Known Bugs


The spreadsheet contains several sheets each with its own function. It also contains a short manual on the first sheet, which hopefully should explain any problems. The first thing you need to do is to enter your building levels, amounts of units, researches and upgrades done into the designated cells. When this is done the rest pretty much follows from there.

The current highscore formula on the .org servers (where I am situated and can test things) have a strange behaviour when it comes to wine used in buildings, i.e. for palaces and governors from level 4 and upwards, in that it seems to vary between accounts. The spreadsheet therefore have a button which estimates Your wine factor from Your data. To use this enter your current master builder score into the correct cell and press the button (requires macros to be activated).


  1. Estimates highscores and can tell you how much points a certain building, reserach or boat will give you
  2. Helps with organisation of your towns troops and gives you defensive and offensive capabilities of all your towns, including wall bonus
  3. Has a simplistic battle simulator to allow you to quickly compare the stats of your troops to those of your enemy. It will also tell you how much your attack is going to cost you (asuming no troops ie, and only one round of fighting).

Tool Comments

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