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Options and Results

City Info

Level Population:

Workers obtaining Wood :
Workers obtaining :



Satisfaction Bonuses

Tavern level:   Wine Served:
Museum:    Cultural Goods:


Wood Marble Wine Crystal Sulphur

Goals for resource calculation



IkariCalc 0.6.0
Upgrade to simulate Ikariam 0.3

IkariCalc 0.5.7
Fixed corruption effect on happiness
Internal code clean-up

IkariCalc 0.5.6
Improved help; added changelog.
Improved layout.
Highlighting in results now fixed

IkariCalc 0.5.5
All five resources included, not just two.
Amount of wine sold in tavern can now be selected.
Tavern wine usage is subtracted from the amount of wine.
    When wine runs out, satisfaction bonus decreases.
Maximum wine served now limited by tavern level.
Maximum cultural goods amount now limited by museum level.

IkariCalc 0.5.4
Research selection reformatted from checkboxes to technology lists.
Research point calculations removed.
Show government residence option only if the city is a colony.

IkariCalc 0.5.3
Graphical changes.

IkariCalc 0.5.2
Calculation code rewrite.

IkariCalc 0.5.1
Graphics redesign.


Research that has already been completed.
Military and Seafaring achievements do not affect IkariCalc and are not listed here.

Satisfaction Bonuses
Select levels of buildings that give satisfaction bonuses.
If resources are calculated, then wine served will be subtracted from resources, and tavern stop working when wine runs out.

Times (hours, comma separated): Resources and population will be calculated for them.
Goals (amounts, comma separated). IkariCalc will display the time when the desired amounts of resources will be attained.

Calculation results
Time (HH:MM:SS) is calculated from the beginning of the simulation.
When a goal is achieved, the table cell displaying that goal is highlighted.

Tool Comments

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