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Detailed below are the ships available to the players of Ikariam. Ships allow you to block the enemies ports, to provent them from trading. They also allow you to protect your own port to ensure your towns can trade peacefully.

The ships are in the order that they need to be researched in, since all seafaring based units require research from previous seafaring research areas there arn't many orders in which ships can be researched.

Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship Attributes:
attack5 defence50 endurance3
min1 opt1 speed60
special- classSteamship
citizen0 wood0 sulphur0
upkeep0 time0m
Trade ships are the most important support for your island empire. No matter whether they have to transport goods, units or news: your seamen will make sure, that everything arrives at its destination quick and safely.


Ram-ship Attributes:
attack16 defence13 endurance5
min1 opt3 speed40
specialAssault classSailer
citizen6 wood73 sulphur50
upkeep13 time34m
Equipped with a ram this ship impales everything in its way and renders whole fleets into worthless

Ballista Ship

Ballista Ship Attributes:
attack15 defence17 endurance6
min3 opt5 speed30
specialResistance classSailer
citizen5 wood71 sulphur60
upkeep14 time47m
A masterpiece from our inventors: With a huge crossbow the ballista-ship can fire gigantic spears in to the middle of the enemies? fleets and teach fear to even the proudest ship!


Flamethrower Attributes:
attack39 defence17 endurance5
min6 opt8 speed33
specialAssault classSteamship
citizen4 wood56 sulphur111
upkeep20 time1h 55m
This ship spews a fiery doom no enemy ship can hide from!

Catapult Ship

Catapult Ship Attributes:
attack26 defence38 endurance6
min8 opt10 speed26
specialResistance classSailer
citizen5 wood101 sulphur122
upkeep24 time3h 11m
A mighty catapult is enthroned on this ship and can sling giant rocks that can smash whole fleets and send them down into the depths!

Mortar ship

Mortar ship Attributes:
attack54 defence108 endurance6
min13 opt15 speed24
specialResistance classSteamship
citizen10 wood137 sulphur330
upkeep50 time3h 38m
The steam powered mortar ship is infamous for its speed and the impact of its grenades that can pulverise the enemy from a great distance!


Paddle-Wheel-Ram Attributes:
attack84 defence25 endurance5
min11 opt13 speed38
specialAssault classSteamship
citizen7 wood75 sulphur230
upkeep33 time4h 4m 40s
The paddle-wheel-ram is defies all unfavourable winds and the rough sea, so it can impale enemy ships with the power of a steam engine.

Diving Boat

Diving Boat Attributes:
attack142 defence56 endurance3
min16 opt16 speed32
special- classSteamship
citizen6 wood255 sulphur0
upkeep50 time5h 5m
The sneaky diving boat can stalk its enemies underwater and fire clockwork-driven torpedos in their direction!

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