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Ikariam Military v1.1
Ikariam Military v1.1

Displays the attack, defense and stamina scores of a town. The script takes into account the number of units and ships, their upgrade levels, the assault and resistance bonuses, and the wall bonus. It does not take into account other bonuses (i.e. healer, regeneration, ram). The data is saved into the browser when viewing barracks and shipyard pages. A score of zero means you either have no troops, or you haven't looked at the barracks and shipyard pages.


No version prior to 1.1 should be used, as it has been rejected by a GameForge board administrator, because of additional HTTP requests on the server. Version 1.1 is currently under review on ikariam.org and ikariam.com boards.


Click the following link to download the script file: ikariam_military.user.js
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