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Ikariam Inline Score (IIS) (v1.5-lite)

Ikariam Inline Score (v1.3-lite)
Ikariam Inline Score showing in-line scores

Shows players the selected players; Total Score, Generals Score, Gold Score and lootable gold from the selected town in-line when viewing the island map or within a town


The Ikariam Inline Score allows player scores to be displayed on the Island map, or in the town view. Meaning no more heading to the score board to look up peoples scores.

Latest Version

The IIS is a combined version from what was previoulsly called, the Ikariam Score Linker. A number of un-used features and code were removed to attempt to produce a lighter, faster version.

The IIS no longer contains options, nore the ability to display links to the score board. Instead only the most popular option is avaliable. That is, to show the scores inline within the island or map views.

Additionally, the inline score display has been improved so that it fits better into the Ikariam display; almost as if it where meant to be there.


Click the following links to download the script file:

Ikariam Inline Score v1.5-lite: ikariaminlinescore.user.js
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Installation and Requirements

For installation and requirements, see the Greasemonkey Scripts guide.

Change Log

version 1.5-lite

version 1.4.2-lite

version 1.3-lite

version 1.1-lite

Important Script Note

Please do not edit or change the script without notifying the author. Previous versions have been found with changes and translations, however, due to people that have somehow contributed not contacting the author the changes remained confined to a small group of players.

If you wish to help improve this script, please ensure you email a copy of the changed script to the Ikariam Library team, whereby any improvements can be officially added to the script, this especially refers to players that translate the script.

Tool Comments

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