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Town Enhancer

The script adds labels to buildings in your towns which can show the buildings name, its current level and if you have the resources in town to upgrade it (a hammer is shown on the label).

If the requirements for the next building upgrade are unknown, a blue question mark will appear instead of the hammer.
For the "upgradeable" feature to work correctly you must first configure the script. (click the ikariam options button at the top)

Town Enhancer


Click the following links to download the script file:

Town Enhancer: townenhancer.user.js
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Original Script "Village Enhancer" created By Melin (maintained by Cordazar)
Rewritten by BagBag (Ikariam 0.3.0 Update and New Features)


This script is approved for use on Ikariam.org (see here)

The Building Requirement data is not complete, but it does now cover a larger range of building levels. I will continue update these when i can get the information.
The bonus calculation has been tweaked, and should give the correct values (±1 due to rounding errors)


To change the language used in this script, goto "options" (next to the highscore link at the top of the page) and select the language in the Town Enhancer Section.

This script currently supports the following languages

If you would like to translate this script into a different language, please see this forum post for how to do so.


26-01-2009: Initial Release <v1.0>

29-01-2009 <v1.1>

31-01-2009 <v1.2>

01-02-2009 <v1.3>

01-02-2009 <v1.3a>

15-02-2009 <v1.3b>

16-02-2009 <v1.3c>

19-02-2009 <v1.3d>

22-02-2009 <v1.3e>

01-03-2009 <v1.3f>

04-03-2009 <v1.3g>

19-03-2009 <v1.3h>

19-03-2009 <v1.3i>

19-03-2009 <v1.3j>

19-03-2009 <v1.3k>

26-05-2009 <v1.3l>

??-??-2009 <v1.3m>
??-??-2009 <v1.3n>
??-??-2009 <v1.3o>

03-06-2010 <v1.3p>

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