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Town Planner

This script allows you to re-arrange the locations of buildings (in city view), towns (in island view) and choose the background image for any island.
The layouts are Location and World Specific, you have to create (or re-create) layouts for every island/city

How to Use

To Modify the layout of an island or city you must have "Edit Mode" Enabled. Items (Citys/Buildings) are moved by "Swapping" them with another. The first Item you click will turn semi-transparent, and when you click another different location they will swap. once you have completed your modifications disable "Edit Mode" by clicking the same menu item again.

Firefox Main Menu->Tools->Greasemonkey->Userscript Commands->Town Enhancer: Island/Town Edit Mode (the exact text will depend on what view you are editing)

To Change the Background image of an island click "Town Planner:Cycle Island Image" menu item, every click of the menu item will cycle through the 5 available island images.

In Island and City view there is also a "Reset" button so that you can restor the original layout.


This Script (v1.0) has been approved for use on Ikariam.org, and has been submitted to Ikariam.com.
If you are using this script on another language version please check with your board team to make sure it is legal to use.


Download Town Planner: town_planner.user.js
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