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There are a number of things that are available to authors within the code of Ikariam Library that can be utilized to provide a better tool or guide.

This page helps to document them, ensuring each author is able to provide the best content for the users of Ikariam Library.

Page Content

The page class contains a refence to the content that user is visiting. The content contains a number of functions that will return information about the tool or guide that you have written.

The content within Ikariam Library can be referenced by ID or name. The name when used is lower cased, and any spaces are removed.

The content ID is subject to change, so when used it should be referencd by use of the getId() function to ensure it is always correct.

Additionally, when referencing other files within your content directory it is useful to use the getDirectory() function. This helps to give more presise links to files within your content, ensuring that if your tool moves or any background structure changes the links remain valid.

To use the functions, call, $page->content->_Function_();

Link Functions

Ikariam Library aims to ensure a level of relkivance when it comes to external links on any tools or guides. This means that standard links are not permitted within any tools or guides, and will be automaticlly removed when found.

It is understood that at time links to external sites will be needed to further improve the value of tools or guides hosted at Ikariam Library, therefore a system has been implimented to allow for this.

Currently authors that want an external link must first contact the Ikariam Library admin to request a link. The link will then be created and a code provided to the user.

Using the code provided and the makeALink(code, link text) function the system will provide a link to the specified location on the page.

Links stored in the valid link list are for use of the requesting author only, unless stated, and therefore will not show on content pages of other authors.

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