Ikariam Library

Contact The Librarians

To contact the Ikairam Library team, please email using the following address.

E-mail: sec[...]@ikariamlibrary.com

Use the above contact address for all contact regarding the Ikariam Library as a whole. Normally this would be overall design, bugs or issues regarding its use. Additionally, please use the above email if you see an author in some way abusing the system.

Feedback, comments or issues with specific tools or guides should be sent to the below address.

Ikariam Mod/Devs

If for any reason Ikariam Developers or Ikariam Modirators need to contact the Ikariam Library team, please use the following email address.

E-mail: lib[...]@ikariamlibrary.com

Contact Tool or Guide Authors

All tool or guide authors will have access to a community email address stated below. To contact an author, please ensure the subject contains the name of the tool that is in question.

The reason we prefer authors to be contact in this way, ensures not only that the Ikariam Library team are in the loop for all author to community communications, but, in occasions where changes need to be made as soon as possible, more people have knowledge of the issue, ensuring a fast and effective resolution.

E-mail: aut[...]@ikariamlibrary.com