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Contribute to Ikariam Library

Ikariam Library is built off community content for Ikariam. Without it, there simply wouldn't be a library! It is therefore fairly obvious how you can start contributing, but below is a guide to a more comprehensive list of ways you can help Ikariam Library, and the Ikariam community.

Creation of Tools

As you would have seen by now, Ikariam Library hosts a number of community tools. The key reason is to help provide a single site that has everything players of Ikariam need to play well and prosper.

The tools that can be created by the Ikariam community are practically limitless and everything created can help yourself and any number of the Ikariam players play the game better.

That said, there are some rules to follow when creating tools; mainly they are rules set out by Gameforge but there are ethical rules that should be followed also.

Ikariam Library becomes a better place when people create and host their tools here. Not only do you get a popular and professional site surrounding and linking to your tool; but you can also get direct FTP access to your tool and any future tools you host (more details to follow).

So; if you have an idea on a tool that may be useful for the community have a chat about it with some friends, and get writing. Once you have a working prototype, Contact Us

For more detailed information about hosting your tool at Ikariam Library, please see the Tools Hosting page.

Writing Guides

As much help as tools can be to players of Ikariam, there is more that people within the community can offer their fellow players. Help and Advice.

Ikariam is a big world; with many paths that can be taken. Some lead to riches, some lead to war.

Some players don't have the time to dedicate hours a day to Ikariam, some do. Some people seem to find themselves struggling, either due to constant attacks against them, or simply lack of trade or support.

This is where community guides come in. They help all types of players and can teach even the best of players new things about the game, or better ways to become powerful and rich.

Guides can be about anything related to Ikariam. How to defend your towns, or tactical ways to pillage enemies. So long as it helps the players, it helps Ikariam Library and helps the community, it all ties together.

For more information about publishing your guide on Ikariam Library, please visit the Guide Publishing page.

Providing Feedback

Feedback is always important for community focused projects. It not only allows the authors to know that people are using and enjoying their content, but also provides the authors with ideas for improvements.

Constructive feedback however can be difficult to provide. Pointing out when a tool causes an error or a guide incorrectly states a fact is easy. Providing good reasoning, or a potential correction is not.

At Ikariam Library we aim to provide a friendly environment. We therefore hope that users of the site, authors and community members alike can work together to provide a better place for everyone.

Remember how important providing feedback is, but also remember there is a difference between feedback and pure criticism. Help to build upon the foundations of others.

Helping with Tool or Guide Translations

Ikariam is played by thousands of people across the world. It also provides many languages for all those players to enjoy the game in the language they choose.

Authors of tools and guides, and even the authors of Ikariam Library cannot afford to translate their contribution into the same amount of languages that Ikariam supports. No matter how nice it would be for the players that would benefit from it.

However, that is where having a community made up of all those people can help.

Each tool or guide contains text that needs to be read by the user to understand it. If your able to speak and write English and another language then why not help to translate a tool or guide now and then.

Most of the tools only contain key words, and even if the tool itself was available in a players language it would be a big help to them.

If you have enough spare time, the guides or tools content pages can also be translated, or if your feeling really brave, maybe translate a page or two of Ikariam Library.

Translations allow players to enjoy the content more comfortably while allowing Ikariam Library and the service it provides to reach out to many more players.

Anything Else?

That is not an extensive list of the ways in which you can help the Ikariam Library site and the community of players that come here to use and enjoy the content that is provided.

If you feel you can help in any other way, feel free to Contact Us and if we agree, we'll find a way to fit you in.

This site is about helping each other, providing for the community and enjoying being part of it.