Ikariam Library


Each tool or guide hosted on Ikariam Library is credited to the original or contributing authors.

We believe they deserve most of the credit for Ikariam Library for without their contributions, Ikariam Library could never be as big as it is.

Credit must also be given to those that have helped the authors of the tools with translations, enhancements or suggestions.

Remember, this site is dedicated to the community of Ikariam, without each and every one of them, Ikariam Library would never have existed.

Ikariam Library Team

Second to the tool and guide authors, some credit must be given to the key authors of Ikariam Library.

From the beginning of their Ikariam gaming time, they strived to help the community with their knowledge of the game, furthering that help with the creation of tools to aid all players.

Now they strive to push further with the creation of the Ikariam Library! A site that is only limited by the creativity and support of the community as a whole!

For names sake, the designers and developers of Ikariam Library the two key authors within the Ikariam world are known as immortalnights and iac.