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Guide Publishing at Ikariam Library

The content on this page is not an extensive list of the rules or guidelines that need to be followed for guide publication on Ikariam Library. The Ikariam Library team retain the right to refuse publications, remove or edit publications and anything else they deem fit in regards to content published here.

Key Guide Rules

Guides are written to help the players of Ikariam. Utilizing the skills and experiences of players that are able to better describe what they do or how they do it within the game.

Guides can be written with varying degrees of expected game experience. Some guides may focus on taking the basics and attempting to improve upon them with a specific technique or other may aim to provide a basis for the key areas of Ikariam Game play.

Ikariam offers so many areas along with a magnitude of ways to accomplish a players goals. Therefore there is really no limit to the types and details guides can be written.

Guide Languages

Guides hosted on Ikariam Library have to aim to be the best of the best. It is therefore important that you have a fair grasp of the game terms and overall language.

We understand that writers of guides will not always have English as a first language. However, to ensure the guides comply with the rules it is important all guides are first available in English.

If this proves to be an issue to a potential publisher the Ikariam Library team, and hopefully members of the community can help create the guide.

Guide Formating

Marginally more importantly all guides have to comply with the formatting restrictions applied by Ikariam library.

This specifically means guides must include headers (written as HTML headers, starting at <h2> through to <h5>.

Guides must also be correctly paragraphed, using the HTML <p> tag. The emphasis tag <em> should be used for clear highlighting.

Images included within guides will be hosted with the guide, ensuring images are not needlessly hot linked. Image tags must contain the ALT value.