Ikariam Library

Welcome to Ikariam Library.com

Welcome to the Ikariam Library. The one stop site for as many Ikariam related goodies as possible.

Soon to have content ranging from Ikariam Tools to Guides and core game information, there is no better place to get information about the coolest browser game.

What is the Ikariam Library

Ikariam Library is a joint project between two Ikariam fans. The aim is to create a single website that can bring together as much of the community content to one single domain.

In time, Ikariam Library will evolve from containing a few of the most popular tools to as many of the user created content as possible stretching from tools to guides to raw information.

Already host to a few of the most popular Ikariam tools available, Ikariam Inline Score, Ikariam Attack Calculator, and IkaWorld, Ikariam Library starts as it means to continue.

For Ikariam Library to truly become a library, the site needs your help. So head over the the Contribution page and see how you can help make a better site for all Ikariam fans.


Comments and suggestions about Ikariam Library and the tools and guides available here can be posted on the forum. The forums also provide a place to discus anything related to Ikariam will much less harsh moderating as the Official Ikariam Forums are subject too.

What is Ikariam

It is unlikely that you would have found yourself here without knowing what Ikariam is, but just in case here is a brief description.

"The sound of the sea, a white sandy beach and sun! On a small island somewhere in the Mediterranean, an ancient civilization arises. Under your leadership an era of wealth and discovery begins. Welcome to Ikariam."

Ikariam is a Browser game by Gameforge, similar to many other browser games Ikariam runs in real-time and tasks within the game also take a finite amount of time.

Ikariam is based in ancient Greek times, where by players build towns on islands. Each island contains one of four luxury resources and sixteen town locations for island neighbours. Ikariam can be played in many styles, a merchant trading empire, a self-sufficient civilization, or a power-hungry pillager

With a unique selection of troop and ship units, there are many ways to mount an impressive offensive or an almost impenetrable defense.

Ikariam is your chance to 'Live the ancient world'