Ikariam Library

Tools hosting at Ikariam Library

The content on this page is not an extensive list of the rules or guidelines that need to be followed for tools hosted on Ikariam Library. The Ikariam Library team retain the right to refuse hosting, remove or edit tools and anything else they deem fit in regards to content hosted here.

Gameforge Rules

Each tool hosted on Ikariam Library must comply with the rules set out by Gameforge in regards to tools created for Ikariam.

It is not possible to provide a full list of what a tool can or cannot do to comply with Gameforges' rules. However, it is possible to identify a few areas in which it is obvious in breach of fair game play.

Script/Tool Verification

For most tools to be discussed and advertised on the Ikariam forums they first must be verified by some member of the Ikariam team. This is to ensure that the tool does not break the rules (some of which are outlined above), while ensuring the tool does not hinder the users ability to play.

Occasionally however it has been known that a tool that provides players with a unique addition. Which overall helps the player play better or easier does not get the approval of the Ikariam game team. Since Ikariam Library wants to serve the community it isn't a good idea that we host tools that are deemed as cheating by the Ikariam team, however, since we do not have to be overruled by them the choice to host none verified tools remain at the discretion of the Ikariam Library Team.

Content Restrictions

When creating a tool that will be hosted within the Ikariam Library it is important to know that the tool must be able to work effectively within the page area.

This can mean that some tools would need to be written specially for compatibility and ease of use in such an environment.

A tool hosted within Ikariam Library also is bound by the overall style and coloring that is present within the web pages. This can at times prove to be somewhat difficult but there is often a simple solution.

The Ikariam Library team will varify periodically to ensure that the tools created comply with the overall restrictions. Ensuring that the integrity of the pages remain.

Content Page Rules

Additionally to the restrictions related to the overall layout and content, there are also a number of hard and fast rules that have to be followed.

Removal of Navigation or Ads

Any page hosted on Ikariam Library must not adversely affect the Ikariam Library navigation or advertisements.

Addition of off site links

No page within Ikariam Library should link by standard link or hot linking of pictures, videos or sounds that have not been expressly approved.

Pages should contain no advertisements of other games, services or Ikariam related sites that are not hosted or provided by the Ikariam Library team.

Tool Update Date

Within all tools a last updated date must be specified by calling the following function. This date is used to ensure all tools are kept up to date. Attempting to circumvent this automatic verification will not be treated lightly.

To specify the last updated date, call 'lastUpdated' within the Page class as follows specifying a string containing the year, month, day hour and minute in "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM" format:

$page->lastUpdated("YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM");

FTP Access

Ikariam Library aims to host up to date tools to the Ikariam players, therefore, most authors that host tools on Ikariam Library are able to have FTP access directly to their directories that contain their tools.

FTP access is not assured and is provided by the Ikariam Library team at their discretion. Obvious abuse of such access will result in it being revoked.

Pages will be regularity checked manually, along with being verified by core code within Ikariam Library to ensure the rules stated on this page are maintained. All information that can be used to ensure that authors with FTP access follow the rules correctly will be used.