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Island of Tageos

Resource: marble Marble
Wonder: Colossus
X: 83   Y: 28

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What is IkaWorld

IkaWorld contains a database of all Islands within each Ikariam world. Allowing users to search islands by name or coordinates for resource or wonder information.

Particularly useful for finding members that have posted their island name on the forums, where coordinates are not permitted.

Additionally IkaWorld allows users to link directly to their island result by selecting their game server and domain. The links will add the island details to the URL and is a fast and safe method of getting to islands.

How to use

Using the Ikariam Island Lookup is simple. Either, enter the islands name in the "Island Name" input box, or specify the islands X and Y coordinates using the two drop-down list boxes and click Search.

If you enter an islands name, it will override the search for coordinates, so ensure the name field is clear before attempting to search by coordinates.

It is also possible to search by including the island name or coordinates within the URL; like either of the below examples:

Ensure to include the search=true variable into the URL; followed by either the islandName or islandX and islandY.

IkaWorld Simple-quary

For those that wish to build more specific tools based on the data within IkaWorld. A simpier and more automation friendly page has been created.

Ika-world quary provides a much smaller return page, along with XML formatted data for faster parsing.

Upcomming Changes

Somethings I intend to add in the near future.

Tool Comments

Comments and issues should be posted on the Forum Thread